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I am an executive with a background in law, accounting, human resources, risk and financial management and nonprofit governance. I wanted a lifestyle change by building a virtual business management service from my home. I want to use my strong organizational ability and excellent oral and written communication skills to help small nonprofits, particularly collaborative practice groups, to grow and achieve their missions.

I am passionate about collaborative practice as a bastion for civility, fairness and the importance of the relational estate in an increasingly chaotic world. Collaborative Practice Support is dedicated to accelerating the growth of collaborative practice by providing a broad range of business support services. I have received Introductory Collaborative Practice Training and currently provide virtual support as the Administrator of both the Collaborative Family Law Group of Northeast Florida, Inc. and the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

Background & Expertise

As a former executive at a health care system I gained extensive experience with nonprofit law, bylaws and governance issues. I have worked with nonprofit Boards to redraft Bylaws. After establishing a robust corporate compliance program, I supplemented it by developing educational videos regarding the impact of new laws and regulations. Responsible for the legal department including claim and litigation management, preparation of legal budgets and negotiation of contracts. Drafted and submitted private letter ruling request on physician recruitment program, which was approved by the Internal Revenue Service without modification.

Developed two independent programs to manage collection of both Hospital and medical group’s accounts receivable. Identified and hired accounts receivable managers. Supervised management of the remaining medical group receivables. Successfully collected $7 million of Hospital receivables in six months; improved medical group collections generating sufficient cash flow to finance ongoing operations.

As an executive at a community foundation I was responsible for all aspects of the foundation’s financial management including accounts payable, general ledger, payroll and monthly financial statement close. Prepared first set of industry-compliant financial statements in the 20-year history of the foundation. Prepared departmental budgets and first budget on corporate-wide basis. Prepared cash flow analysis and financial projections to support determination of spending allocation.

As an executive at a nonprofit social service agency I was responsible for all aspects of the Corporation’s financial management including accounts payable, general ledger, payroll and monthly financial statement close. Revamped agency’s chart of accounts and accounting procedures to provide for financial reports on a grant and department specific basis. Responsible for all aspects of the Human Resource function including benefit administration and supervision of support staff.

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Clients We Are Helping

The FACP is a nonprofit statewide organization comprised of 11 collaborative practice groups and currently has over 500 individual members. Its mission is to promote the Collaborative Process throughout Florida to help its families, couples, individuals and businesses resolve disputes confidentially, respectfully and without going to court.

We provide a broad range of administrative services to the FACP including scheduling, record-keeping, membership maintenance, accounts receivable management, master calendar maintenance, monthly newsletter and Board and Committee scheduling. Within two months of our engagement as Administrator we:

  • Produced and published its first newsletter
  • Created an accurate membership Email distribution list of 500 members
  • Created a directory of Officers, Board members, Committee members & Practice Groups
  • Implemented a new teleconferencing system
  • Deployed nonprofit Google Apps for Work with domain Email
  • Created a master calendar for all FACP events
  • Commenced an organization-wide communication plan
  • Created document retention, destruction policy, organized & stored all corporate documents on Google Drive

CFL is a nonprofit organization consisting of the independent practices of family law attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial planners and accountants. The three specialties form interdisciplinary teams to help divorcing couples reach a fair settlement outside of court removing the adversarial element and protecting the children.

We have been providing administrative services to CFL for over two years. During that time, we have:

Website and Outreach:

  • Developed website member directory with headshots & connections to member Emails and websites.
  • Created website resources to educate the public on collaborative practice (book list, news articles, videos on the process and links to useful websites)
  • Promoted membership growth with Prospective Member page highlighting the benefits of membership & providing applications for download.
  • Implemented password-protected Members Only website section incorporating a document library (collaborative practice checklists, practice protocols, participation agreements & agendas)

Event Registration and Marketing:

  • Managed registration, planning & Email marketing for a two-day training event on Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice that succeeded in registering over 60 participants and generated 7 new group members.
  • Implemented email marketing campaign for Group Network Lunch presentations substantially increasing participation.
  • Researched advertising on public radio
  • Set up and configured social media sites
  • Created and configured Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and linked the two


  • Redrafted bylaws and member application to remove inconsistencies
  • Designed, wrote & published Board Member Orientation Manual
  • Setup Google Apps for Work providing domain Email & intranet

The Florida Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (FLAFCC) is an organization of judicial, legal, mental health, financial and related professionals utilizing education, research and advocacy to improve the lives of children and families through the Collaborative resolution of family conflict.

We have been assisting the FLAFCC with its Annual Conference event registration and email marketing program, its email newsletter design and distribution and the organization’s document storage.

Event Registration:

  • Installed and configured Constant Contact software for the Conference registration.
  • Designed an extensive, detailed event registration page in the Constant Contact software linked to PayPal for payment. The registration included promotion codes for certain types of registration and provided the registrant with an array of professional tracks to select from.
  • Developed and implemented an email marketing campaign to encourage registrations.
  • Followed up on bounced emails to maintain an accurate email list.
  • Coordinated efforts with Webmaster on content and elements of event landing page.

Email Newsletter:

  • Designed the FLAFCC eNews to contain the content of the FLAFCC’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintained and improved the accuracy and completeness of the FLAFCC’s membership list.
  • Implemented sign-up form for website to encourage member sign-up.

G Suite Implementation:

  • Applied for an obtained a free, nonprofit account for Google’s G Suite.
  • Created an accurate, up-to-date membership list within G Suite.
  • Recommended a document storage configuration and retention schedule for all the organization’s documentation.


The Tampa Bay Academy of Collaborative Professionals (TBACP) is a nonprofit association of independent professionals who share a common vision; the advancement of excellence in Collaborative divorce.

As TBACP’s Administrator, we provide a broad range of administrative services to TBACP including scheduling, recordkeeping, member email list maintenance, accounts receivable management, master event calendar maintenance and production of quarterly email newsletter. Some of our accomplishments are:




David C. Blackmon, Ph.D. is an independ private practice that provides neuro-psychological services, therapy and counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

As consultants we accomplished the following:

  • Local SEO – Developed a list of relevant key words, prepared a keyword distribution spreadsheet for the website and completed the website keyword fields. Conversions from the website were increased.
  • Search directories – The office of the client had moved. Updated critical local and national search directories with current information and selected appropriate categories.  Duplicate and incorrect listing were removed. In many cases categories had to be corrected or supplemented.
  • LinkedIn – Developed a LinkedIn site for the client with consistent branding
  • Google Analytics – Created Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts for client and monitored results
  • Revamped website – Client’s website had not been updated in years. Created new service pages highlighting client’s neurological evaluations and the unique approach used. Redrafted web page on office practices and procedures to bring it current.


  • C.P.A., Certificate Number 04-1- 39323, effective 10/16/00
  • M.B.A., Finance/Accounting, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1985.
  • J.D., Law Review 1976, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1977.
  • B.A., Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1972.

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